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Back from the DeadBack from the Dead

New Ocean Media 2013-02-11
Sales Rank : 3434

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by G-Tools

ex.Guns N' Roses,Lynam,Heart Throb Mob,The Chelsea Smiles...
ガンズ追放から早○○年?涎モノの面子を揃えての第一線復帰とくればイヤでも期待は高まるわけで、基本Lynamの流れを汲んだアメリカンハードの実に颯爽としたグルーヴは、Guns信者のみならず、すべてのハードロックファンの鬱憤を晴らすであろう抜群のクオリティを誇っており、男前が過ぎるJacobの歌声から放たれるメロウでキャッチーな楽曲群に思わずガッツポーズ(なんなら号泣)すること請け合い!ただ、一音でそれとわかるスラッシュの参加等、注目度は高いと思われたが実際そーでもないのかい? 是非。

Jacob Bunton - vocals, guitar, mandolin and piano
Lonny Paul - guitar and vocals
Johnny Martin - bass and vocals
Steven Adler - drums and percussion

1. Back from the Dead
2. Own Worst Enemy
3. Another Version of the Truth
4. The One That You Hated
5. Good to Be Bad (feat. John 5)
6. Just Don't Ask (feat. Slash)
7. Blown Away
8. Waterfall
9. Habit
10. Your Diamonds
11. Dead Wrong

Bad PackBad Pack

Universal Import 2012-10-02
売り上げランキング : 215450

by G-Tools


1. Take On The Night
2. Lil' Miss
3. Loud N' Nasty
4. Get The Fuck Outta Here
5. The Bad Pack
6. Overboard
7. Left For Dead
8. Livin Tonight
9. Trick Or Treat
10. Mystery

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Front,The/The Front
Front,The/The Front Live In New York City 1990

Georgia Satellites,The/Georgia Satellites
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Gilby Clarke/Pawnshop Guitar
Glitterati,The/The Glitterati
Glitterati,The/Are You One Of Us?
Grapevine/Chronology A Young Persons':Guide to Grapevine
Grease Helmet/Grease Helmet
Guns N' Roses/GN'R Lies
Guns N' Roses/Live from the Jungle
Guns N' Roses/Use Your Illusion Ⅰ
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Hangmen,The/Metallic I.O.U.
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Keith Richards/Talk Is Cheap
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L.A. Guns/L.A. Guns
L.A. Guns/Cocked & Loaded
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Lords Of The New Church,The/The Lords Of The New Church
Lords Of The New Church,The/Is Nothing Sacred?
Lords Of The New Church,The/Method to Our Madness
Lords Of The New Church,The/Stories at Dusk
Lords Of The New Church,The/Los Diablos: La Edad De Oro
L7/Smell The Magic
L7/Bricks Are Heavy

Maroon5/Songs About Jane
Maroon5/It Won't Be Soon Before Long.
Maroon5/Hands All Over
Michael Jackson/Thriller
Michael Moon/You
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Patti Smith Group/Radio Ethiopia
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Pretty Boy Floyd/Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz
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Poet and The Dragon,The/Live Somewhere In This World
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Rick Springfield/Hard To Hold
Rick Springfield/Tao
Rick Springfield/Rock Of Life
Rick Springfield Shock/Denial/Anger/Acceptance
Rick Springfield/Venus In Overdrive
Rick Springfield/Songs for the End of the World
Robin Zander/Robin Zander
Rolling Stones,The/Get Yer Ya Yas Out
Rolling Stones,The/Black And Blue
Rolling Stones,The/Love You Live
Rolling Stones,The/Some Girls
Rolling Stones,The/Emotional Rescue
Rolling Stones,The/Tattoo You
Rolling Stones,The/Still Life
Rolling Stones,The/Undercover
Rolling Stones,The/Dirty Work

Sabre Jet/Same Old Brand New
Shady Dolls/The Band On The Roof
Silver Ginger 5/Black Leather Mojo
Sisters Of Mercy,The/First And Last And Always
Slash's Snakepit/It's Five O'clock Somewhere
Slash's Snakepit/Ain't Life Grand
Slum Lords/Har-Dee-Harhar
Sovran,The/No Song For A Non-Generation
Stala & So./It Is So.
Star Star/The Love Drag Years
Stevie Klasson/Don't Shoot The Messenger
Stick It Out/Stick It Out
Stiv Bators/Disconnected
Street Sliders,The/Slider Joint
Street Sliders,The/がんじがらめ
Street Sliders,The/Jag Out
Street Sliders,The/Sleep Walkers(夢遊病)
Street Sliders,The/天使たち
Street Sliders,The/The Live~Heaven and Hell~
Street Sliders,The/Nasty Children
Street Sliders,The/摩天楼のダンス天国
Suicide Twins,The/Silver Missiles and Nightingales
Susan Boyle/I Dreamed A Dream

Takashi O'hashi Project(大橋隆志)/Neither Reality Nor Fiction
Tesla/Five Man Acoustical Jam
Tesla/Psychotic Supper
Theory of a Deadman/Theory of a Deadman
Tom Keifer/Way Life Goes
Tommy Stinson/Village Gorilla Head
Tommy Stinson/One Man Mutiny
Tyla/The Life And Times Of A Ballad Monger
Tyla & Spike(Spike and Tyla's Hot Knives)/Flagantly Electrically Acoustically Yours

UK Subs/Killing Time
Urban Dogs/Urban Dogs
U2/The Best Of 1980-1990
U2/The Best Of 1990-2000
U2/How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb

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Vains Of Jenna/Reverse Tripped
Vains Of Jenna/We Can Never Die Vol.2
Various Artist/Stone Immaculate:The Music Of The Doors
Velvet Revolver/Contraband
Velvet Revolver/Libertad
Vibrators,The/Pure Mania
Vines,The/Highly Evolved
Vines,The/Winning Days
Vines,The/Vision Valley

Wildhearts,The/The Best of Wildhearts
Wildstreet/Wildstreet II ...Faster...Louder!

Yellow Monkey,The/Sicks
Yoshii Lovinson/White Room

Ziggy/In With The Times
Ziggy/Hot Lips
Ziggy/Kool Kizz
Ziggy/Yellow Pop
Zodiac Mindwarp & The Love Reaction/Tattooed Beat Messiah

忌野清志郎/RC Succession/Rhapsody
忌野清志郎/RC Succession/Feel So Bad
忌野清志郎/RC Succession/Marvy
忌野清志郎/RC Succession/Covers
忌野清志郎/RC Succession/コブラの悩み
忌野清志郎/Razor Sharp
エレファント・カシマシ/The Elephant Kashimashi Best

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